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The world of work is constantly changing, but some things remain the same.

The NeuroTech Institute can help your organisation navigate the changes in the world of work.

Maintaining a focus on trust, adaptive leadership, consistent values and foresight is as important as understanding how technology can help and hinder us to navigate this dispersed, virtualized, emergent environment. We will help you to understand how these elements impact each other, and provide tailored solutions to ensure that individuals and entities adapt, engage and thrive in current and future environments.

Recent articles

The workplace is becoming more and more digital, but it’s our physical connection that keeps us sharp.

So Dr Fiona Kerr of The NeuroTech Institute spoke to Dave Winterlich for the recent Irish Times article ‘Technology and screens are killing cognitive functioning; It’s death by 1,000 swipes, but we need to allow for downtime too’.

“Big changes in how we go about our lives have caused a persistent cycle of stress that has, for millions of people, had a physical effect on our bodies. For many of us, our brains have actually changed.

Dr Fiona Kerr, founder of the Neurotech Institute, says a “stress brain loop’’ can physically change the shape of a brain, in some cases shrinking it in size and rewiring it to work differently.”

Courier Mail writer Elissa Lawrence speaks with Fiona about ‘How work from home has changed our brains’.