Portrait of Dr Fiona Kerr Best Business Speakers

Dr Fiona Kerr

Founder and Director

Dr Fiona Kerr is the founder of The NeuroTech Institute and FOCUS consulting. Combining engineering, neuroscience, psychology and anthropology with over 35 years in industry, she is globally recognised for her work on the cognitive science of both human-human and human-technology interaction, the dynamics of complex systems and leading flourishing organisations. Fiona’s team consults with national and international clients including Government, Defence, corporate and creatives and sits on a number of global advisory panels.

Dr Fiona Kerr offers a diverse list of qualifications including cognitive neuroscience, complex systems engineering, anthropology and psychology which has been built up over forty years, with almost thirty years in industry. 

‘Communicating, Connecting & Caring in a Technologized World’

Goran Roos - team chairman of The NeuroTech Institute

Göran Roos

Chairman of the Board

Professor Nils Göran Arne Roos is a Swedish academic, technologist, author and businessman. He is a specialist in the field of intellectual capital and an expert in innovation management and strategy.

Chelsea Nicholls - Team office manager at The NeuroTech Institute

Chelsea Nicholls

Office Manager

Chelsea manages the office of The NeuroTech Institute, whatever that entails. She handles all admin, NTI’s digital presence, web design and team.