Re:connection Film

How re:connection video creates human connections in a digital business world The future of business and video re:connection is a short documentary film exploring the digital business world and how we can create human connection through video-based experiences. From building … Read More

Parenting webinar: Parent Jam

Dr Fiona Kerr hosts a two part session with Puneet Sachdev for Billu Bollywood Worldwide’s parenting webinar by experts sessions. Two interactive sessions with insights on early brain development, best practices on parenting and technology and more. Topics covered includes: … Read More

Power of Presence

Presented by Dr Fiona Kerr The ‘We’ in Dementia: Innovation in Dementia Practice Symposium Thursday, 3 October 2019, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Dr Fiona Kerr Founder and director, The NeuroTech Institute Find out more by visiting

The Dance with Technology

How do we ensure we lead? Fiona presents ‘The Dance with Technology: How do we ensure we lead?’. An impressive and thought provoking keynote about the neurophysiological effects of interaction between humans and technology. She discusses how the brain is … Read More

The Power of Presence

Where Only A Human Will Do Dr Fiona Kerr, Founder of the NeuroTech Institute, shares about the science behind human connections, at the Patient and Family Experience Symposium 2019 for ‘The Power of Presence’.

The Two of Us: The power of touch

with Dr Fiona Kerr & Gill Hicks Dr Fiona Kerr, thought leader in the neuroscience of human connection and Gill Hicks MBE, survivor of the London terrorist bombings in 2005 and thought-provoking advocate for peace. For more information on our … Read More

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