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Too Much Tech?

Episode 67 ‘Too Much Tech?’ for Inside Marketing with Dr Fiona Kerr and dentsu & Irish Times Media Solutions This week we’re joined by Dr Fiona Kerr. The founder and CEO of Adelaide’s The NeuroTech Institute, for an insightful discussion … Read More

The Youth Vote Podcast

with Dr Fiona Kerr on The Lookup Initiative Joining our student hosts Peemai & Sholto is Dr Fiona Kerr, the founder and CEO of the NeuroTech Institute. In the episode they discuss The Lookup Initiative, the effects of technology on … Read More

Leadership podcast with Tyler Mongan

Episode 27: Futures Intelligence Leadership Podcast Dr Fiona Kerr speaks with Tyler Mongan on why leading needs more complex thinking, the role of emergent logic leadership in the future, how leaders set the tone of the organization through their Volatilome, … Read More

Mi3 Podcast with Fiona Kerr

‘Screen fatigue, surging brain chemicals, meaningful ads and why a more physical return to workplaces is inevitable’. Fiona Kerr and Marcus Pritchard join Charmaine Moldrich on The Mi3 Podcast

Real People Podcast

Real People Podcast with Dr Fiona Kerr + Steve Sammartino From the Real People Podcast website: “Today on the Real People Podcast we are joined by Dr Fiona Kerr, Founder and CEO of The Neurotech Institute, and leading futuristand author … Read More

The Best of Both Worlds

Dr Fiona Kerr presents ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ at the 2018 Adelaide Festival if ideas. How do we leverage the amazing benefits of both man and machine? Positive human connection creates physical synchronisation that affects everything from health to … Read More