Wellbeing in the public purpose sector

IPAA Victoria: In-depth conversation with Dr Fiona Kerr

In partnership with IPAA Victoria’s People and Culture Community of Practice, IPAA Victoria has launched a new content series dedicated to wellbeing and the public purpose sector.

Listen to our discussion on wellbeing in the public purpose sector. Featuring Dr Fiona Kerr, Founder and CEO of The NeuroTech Institute, sharing her expert insights and knowledge about wellbeing. In the interview, Fiona explores the neuroscience behind face-to-face interaction, digital overload and properly fixing digital technologies and tools in hybrid environments. Fiona also offers insights for senior leaders and managers on how to foster a culture of high-performance.

Over the past month or so, IPAA Victoria has delivered a content series dedicated to exploring organisational and individual wellbeing.

Overwhelmingly, the topics of workload, fatigue, burnout, mental health and wellbeing are current issues facing the public purpose sector. This series considers this period of uncertainty. We will consider what still might need to change and explore the parts of an open, empowering workplace.

Through stories, interviews, resources, and advice, we hope to validate how professionals across the sector are feeling.

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