Dr Fiona Kerr’s feature in SA Life

‘Connection sculpts how we think, feel and live’

In a recent interview with SA Life writer Genevieve Meegan, Dr Fiona Kerr discussed her life, career, interests and passions. She explained that we are all “electrochemical bags” beautifully designed to connect.

Fiona said: “I specifically look at how interbrain synchronisation works between people, the impact of touch and eye gaze, and the chemisphere of more than 2000 (and rising) chemicals we give off, absorb or react to when we are in proximity to each other. The lack of it is one of the reasons we feel so flat with COVID isolation.”

“I’ve diversified during my career but there are two common threads: I like to have a complex problem to understand and solve – I love figuring out what the problem actually is and seeing all of the interconnected parts. The other is an interest in people, especially their thinking, interaction and dynamics.”

Fiona also spoke about what her work and study has taught her about human nature: “My work has taught me that people will rise to the level of expectations we have of them. That people flourish when they belong and are accepted. That we are electrochemical bags built to connect. That touch is a highway for empathy and immune health, hope and contentment. That you have to show trust to gain trust. That we all need fair but clear boundaries within which to be wonderful. That we are all forever a work in progress and (to an extent), we can choose what we want that work to be.”

Fiona has worked on Gill Hicks show ‘Hippocampus’, sensory, immersive experience exploring the beauty and wonder of the human brain.

‘Hippocampus’ can be experienced at the Adelaide Fringe season, 2022.

Dr Fiona Kerr in her office

Dr Fiona Kerr in her office taken by Tony Lewis