Re:connection Film

How re:connection video creates human connections in a digital business world

The future of business and video

re:connection is a short documentary film exploring the digital business world and how we can create human connection through video-based experiences. From building trust with prospects and customers, to creating a more inclusive remote environment, to growing an international brand. Furthermore, the way we use video is changing the way we interact in a digital-first world.

So Dr Fiona Kerr joins a panel of thought leaders including:

  • Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce
  • Meghan Anderson, CMO, Wanderlust and former VP Marketing, HubSpot
  • David Meerman Scott, Online Marketing Strategist & Public Speaker
  • AllisonDavis, Former Producer, NBC News
  • Jasmine (aka Jouelzy) Baker, Content Creator & Founder, #SmartBrownGirl
  • AndreiVexler, Director of Video Marketing, Ceridian
  • Lauren Wadsworth, Director of Global Sales Development, Segment
  • Davina Tiwari, Social Worker & Therapist
  • Steve Austin, “Old Man Steve” on TikTok

While accelerated by the pandemic, the digital-first era has arrived in full force. Now that video technology has helped ease the change, businesses still face challenges when it comes to communicating remotely. So this short documentary film explores how leaders and practitioners from every industry can change the way they think about video communication to create a more inclusive, connected and innovative business environment.

“With the new era of video in business upon us, the re:connection documentary comes at a pivotal time when business leaders need to shift their thinking about the future of work and the role of video in sales and across their business,” said Tyler Lessard, chief video strategist for Vidyard and executive producer of the film. “This film includes a wide range of expert perspectives discussing how video helps build trust, empathy and stronger relationships for a digital-first future.”

Business leaders and professionals are invited to visit the re:connection film site to watch the 15-minute film released online today for public viewing, find bonus footage from the experts featured in the film, and download a companion guide that further connects the themes from the film to the digital-first business world.

The Vidyard and Media One Creative film can be viewed here.