Film Release – Re:connection, How video creates human connections in a digital business world

The future of business and video

re:connection is a short documentary film that explores the digital business world and how we can create human connection through video-based experiences. From building trust with prospects and customers, to creating a more inclusive remote environment, to growing an international brand—the way we use video is changing the way we interact in a digital-first world.

Dr Fiona Kerr joins a panel of thought leaders including:

  • Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce
  • Meghan Anderson, CMO, Wanderlust and former VP Marketing, HubSpot
  • David Meerman Scott, Online Marketing Strategist & Public Speaker
  • AllisonDavis, Former Producer, NBC News
  • Jasmine (aka Jouelzy) Baker, Content Creator & Founder, #SmartBrownGirl
  • AndreiVexler, Director of Video Marketing, Ceridian
  • Lauren Wadsworth, Director of Global Sales Development, Segment
  • Davina Tiwari, Social Worker & Therapist
  • Steve Austin, “Old Man Steve” on TikTok

The Vidyard and Media One Creative film can be viewed here.