Tasting Australia Event

‘Aged Care; Why Nutrition and the Dining Experience Matters’ for Tasting Australia 2021 at the Adelaide Convention Centre

Sara Blunt, Ellis Wilkinson, Ngaire Hobbins, Fiona Kerr and Bethany Finn following the Tasting Australia event

Dr Fiona Kerr presented at Tasting Australia event ‘Aged Care; Why Nutrition and the Dining Experience Matters’. The event took place on Friday 7th May 2021, at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

While speaking alongside (in order of appearance):

  • Ngaire Hobbins, Dietitian & International authority on Nutrition for Aged Care;
  • Sara Blunt, CEO of Kalyra Communities & Chair of Aged & Community Services Australia;
  • Bethany Finn, Executive Chef in Residence at Life Care and
  • Simon Bryant, Festival Director of Tasting Australia

During her presentation ‘Feeding Your Two Brains’, Dr Kerr spoke about how our gut is our ‘second brain’, feeding your microbiome, neurogenesis and brain health, and how new research is showing that eating with people for human connection can help your brain function better.

Overview from the event page:

“Food, nutrition and the dining experience is important at every age and stage of life. Our 2021 Tasting Australia event focused on nutrition and the dining experience in aged care homes. It highlighted how this fundamental daily activity can positively effect aspects of both the residents and Aged Care providers.

CCI Group Purchasing presented The NeuroTech Institute founder and CEO Dr Fiona Kerr, along with International Authority on Nutrition for Aged Care, Ngaire Hobbins and Kalyra Communities CEO & Chair of Aged and Community Services Australia, Sara Blunt, all who provided insight and practical ways to utilise nutrition and the experience of dining, to improve residents’ overall wellbeing whilst adding tangible value to Aged Care providers.

Then Bethany Finn, Executive Chef in Residence at Life Care, gave the audience a chef’s perspective with a cooking demonstration using ingredients and ideas that were shared by Fiona and Ngaire.
Following, we were joined by Tasting Australia’s Festival Director, Simon Bryant, who along with CCI General Manager, Ellis Wilkinson, is one of the original co-creators of this aged care focused event at Tasting Australia.”