Leadership podcast with Tyler Mongan

Episode 27: Futures Intelligence Leadership Podcast

Dr Fiona Kerr speaks with Tyler Mongan on why leading needs more complex thinking, the role of emergent logic leadership in the future, how leaders set the tone of the organization through their Volatilome, why leadership that causes neural synchronization creates a futures ready organization, and how to deal with the growing role of technology in our lives without losing the importance of human to human relationships and how leaders can create shared neural networks to increase autonomy and improve decision making.

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Future Intelligence Leadership Podcast cover with Dr Fiona Kerr

Tyler Mongan’s HA:KU Podcast Overview:

Delivering Innovative Wisdom for Future-Ready Leaders.

The future, just like leadership, is a dialogue. There is growing uncertainty, complexity and exponential changes. The more dialogues you have as a leader the more wisdom you gather to prepare for the future. In this HA:KU Podcast, Tyler Mongan (President of HA:KU global) facilitates two diverse experts in a dialogue about what it means to be a future intelligent leader. Deep insights emerge, new ways of thinking and being are revealed, and practical actions are explored to expand the wisdom or future-ready leaders. Join HA:KU global in shaping the future of leadership.