The Art & Science of Looking Up

Transforming our brains, bodies, relationships & experience of the world by the simple act of looking up.

The Art & Science of Looking Up report confirms the multitude of benefits to simply looking up and out. One basic thing we can do has profound effects on cognitive development, creativity, productivity, relationships, and our sense of belonging.

The Art & Science of Looking Up report cover

Neural and systems complexity expert Dr Fiona Kerr’s research supports and explains that looking up is good for our brains. This report includes a literature review of cutting edge, multi-disciplinary sources from around the world and explores seven key subject areas: eye gaze and engagement, abstraction and neurogenesis, lighting up our brains, solving complex problems, lived experience and memory, connection and connectedness, amplification and contagion.

When we look up we enter the state of abstraction or ‘daydreaming’ conducive for creativity, problem solving and new insights. Our brain puts information together in new ways while improving our capacity to maintain a focused state of mind. We actually get better at thinking.

The Art & Science of Looking Up is an invitation to live life with a deeper connection to our surroundings. It is a gentle nudge and reminder for everyone to be present and engage with the world around them and the people they share it with.

So, simply LOOK UP and out more often, and enjoy all the life-changing benefits that brings.