The Neuroscience of Collaborative Creativity

with Dr Ilse Treurnicht and Dr Fiona Kerr

What is happening when we are in the creative zone? And how does interaction with others play a key role in ideation? When we get together and get excited by coming up with something new, amazing things happen – our brains and bodies activate and synchronise, releasing chemicals that make our thought processes faster and more nimble, increase how quickly we absorb information, and allow us to combine concepts differently and create brand new ones. We turn on multiple parts of our brains, and even build brand new brain if we are really connected and engaged. So how and why does all this happen? And how can we foster it?

On April 23, Dr. Ilse Treurnicht (Former CEO, MaRS Discovery District in Ontario, Canada) and Dr. Fiona Kerr (Neural and Systems Complexity Specialist) discussed the neuroscience of collaborative creativity.